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About Us

Story About US

To the world, Jennifer aka Jen or Jenny is acknowledged as a hospitality personnel, buzzing her busy day through morning meetings, client meets and revenue targets. However, as much of a buzzkill life ever poses to be, Jennifer had learnt that the way to a happy heart is by creating magic in the cauldron! With a dash of this, a sprinkle of that, a little fire and an encompassing wand, Jen tosses up the most amazing dishes to satiate the tongue and the heart too.
Born in Ranchi and brought up in Kolkata, Jennifer’s passion for food dates back to her teen years, when her grandma’s traditional style of cooking grasped her attention, rather tingled her taste buds. Being the obedient little chef for her grandmother, Jennifer learnt her radiant cooking style of Anglo-Indian , North and East Indian cuisine. The clinging pots and pans, the aroma of fresh herbs and spices equipped with a food inclined ethnically diversified lineage paved her passion for cooking. From a very early age, tossing up palatable delicacies & savoury dishes for her family & friends became Jennifer’s hobby. Just like her grandmother, Jennifer’s classic form of cooking always includes the use of freshly roast and ground spices. As she grew up, a father daughter duo was often found in the kitchen experimenting with different types of vegetarian and non vegetarian comfort food, with a hint of sass and spice. The kitchen had thus become, Jennifer’s magical coven where she enters to escape into the delicious world of scrumptious food and delectable dishes.
A passionate home chef with a degree in hotel management, Jennifer, is fortunate to enhance her cooking skill by learning the art of food from great chefs and food connoisseurs of many luxury hotels, she worked at, in India. Jennifer’s Travel stories were also motivated to explore global food cuisines like North East India Thai, Chinese, and meal bowl, as she wished to experience variant delicious street food and traditional cooking of those places. Food for Jen, was the winter’s comfort and monsoon’s snuggle of a grandmother’s love, served with a zest of sweetness.
Now, with a tad bit of fear, loads of courage, and oodles of encouragement from her family and friends, Jennifer opens the doors of her kitchen for the masses. Her kitchen aka Jen’s Kitchen that hoards the secret to a content food filled heart and mind, now wishes to showcase some of her indigenous cooking styles in a wide variety of cusines . Jennifer along with her team of experienced chefs and professionals, has crafted for us a wide range of mouth-watering and delicious dishes for the hungry soul. The team wishes to share their experiences and styles with us through some sumptuous multi cuisine comfort meals. Be it at home caught up with laziness or just bland house chores, or at work pressurized with spiteful deadlines, Jen’s Kitchen ensures to serve us with hot, slurpy and flavour-bombing meals for that perfect gastronomical journey. Her expert team wishes to serve happiness with some delectable range of food combos, rice bowls and mixed platter on regular days as well as special brunches suited to the food fancies of every home.
Jennifer is the co-founder of Jen’s Kitchen, who has always confessed her love for food virtually to the world since 2015. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, various e-food groups holds witness to Jen’s cherished passion and now finally, with the blessings and prayers ushered by the world, Jen’s Kitchen comes alive to the world to unravel the art of blissful cooking!


To create an environment where food hygiene, taste, quality, colleagues and guest satisfaction is our highest priority.


To become one of the best destination for online food industry

Core Values

4C’s rules –

Celebrating the individual

Celebrate on individual achievements and recognizing and highlighted for each and everyone hard work genuinely from our heart


We care for our team
– To do the things that are needed to help and protect our colleagues
– To look after and listen to them


We are committed towards our goals, Mission and vision of the organization.

Can do attitude

We create Positive ‘Can-Do’ Attitude means being ready, available and willing to get the job done, Create can-do attitude environment by giving empowerment to our colleagues so they feel confident and willing to deal with problems or new tasks, rather than complaining or giving up.

Why we are Different

15 different varieties of fried rice/Rice Bowl
Various varieties of Meal Bowl
Menu designed by Skilled 5 star chef
Professional from luxury 5 star hotels
Signature dishes designed by Kanak Jennifer following home secret recipes
Weekly Meal Kit options which give opportunity to cook food at home in a 5 star hotel way.
Unique food packaging
Own phone App
Using fresh ingredients by following From the Farm to the Pan concept

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